What Are The Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns?

Stamped concrete is a hard design choice to beat because the pattern and colour options are virtually limitless! Many homeowners get inspiration for their patios from the surrounding landscape or their home’s architectural style, choosing to pattern and colour the concrete so that it blends with existing elements. 

When choosing your stamped concrete, you can use these attributes as your starting point and compare them to these five popular stamped patterns!

Random Stone

This pattern creates the look of irregular fieldstones fit together, complete with their heavy texture. Random Stone provides the appearance of natural rock with the durability of concrete and without small cracks between the stones that would normally give space for weeds to grow. The form and function of Rough Stone stamped concrete make it one of our clients’ most popular choices!

Running Bond New Brick and Herringbone New Brick

Like stone, brickwork has to be meticulously laid down and maintained if it’s going to stay in good shape. Two favoured concrete stamps can simulate the look of bricks – Running Bond New Brick and Herringbone New Brick. 

Running Bond is the standard look, with the stamped concrete looking as if there are bricks laid that are overlapping the adjoining courses. Herringbone New Brick is a different diagonal pattern made to look “zigzag.” Either way, the “bricks” can be coloured to have the classic red, but they can also be yellow, grey, or any colour you want!


Ashlar stamps give concrete the look of stone, but with various shapes and sizes laid in an Ashlar pattern. This is a common layout used for slate stones that mix and match different-sized pavers to create random-seeming patterns. Most concrete stamps used to create the Ashlar pattern simulate the slate texture of the stone material, too! The Ashlar effect breaks up the monotony of traditional large paving patterns and adds a touch of old-world appeal to your back patio or front walkway.

Classic Wood

When we said the options were virtually limitless, we meant limitless. Stamped concrete can turn the mix of cement, water, and aggregate into wood! The key to making the Classic Wood effect comes from the colour – you’ll want the concrete to be coloured in a way that reflects the natural brown of wood. After that, the stamps can create the look of grains and whorls you’d find in planks of timber. The durability of concrete and the look of wood means no more refinishing a deck every year!

Rough Stone 

Rough Stone is a different pattern than Random Stone because the stamp doesn’t create the look of individual pieces with grout between them. Rather, Rough Stone patterns keep the continuous surface of the concrete but apply a coarse texture to them, giving the appearance of one large piece rather than smaller pieces. Larger surfaces like driveways can be broken up by borders made of stamped concrete of a different pattern, but the overall effect is one of massive, rough stones.

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