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Which Is Cheaper: Poured Concrete Or Concrete Pavers?

Whether it’s a patio, driveway, or walkway, homeowners face two big choices when planning out the project: using either poured concrete or concrete pavers. The cost to install pavers or ...
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How Thick Should A Concrete Driveway Be?

Most of the concrete's strength comes from its thickness. But how thick would it have to be for a driveway project? The driveway is under assault from so many different ...
pavers vs pouring concrete - Fiorino

Safety Risks When Pouring Concrete Yourself

Concrete is the best choice of material for making long-lasting, customized home projects like patios, walkways, and driveways. Though it’s only made up of three ingredients, concrete needs to be ...
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How Much Rebar Is There In A Concrete Patio?

Concrete is the material of choice for most patio projects. It’s strong, easy to work with, and can be finished in a wide variety of textures and colours. It is ...
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How To Estimate The Cost Of Pouring Concrete On Your Property

Most of the cost of a driveway, patio, or other residential project requiring poured concrete is the cost of pouring concrete itself. You can calculate concrete prices and how many ...
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What Would Happen If Your Patched An Asphalt Driveway With Concrete? 

Resurfacing an entire asphalt driveway is a costly and time consuming job, but over time, the surface material will start to break down. After many freeze-thaw cycles and the tons ...

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