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How To Incorporate Polished Concrete Floors Into Modern Home Design

Concrete is often associated with raw durability and strength, but this isn’t the full picture. It’s also one of the most beautiful and versatile building materials! When homeowners have it ...

Should You Hire Someone To Grind And Seal Your Concrete Driveway This Summer?

In areas that see a lot of ice and snow like London, scaling on concrete driveways is a common problem. Scaling is when the finished surface of hardened concrete flakes ...

Can You Seal Old Concrete?

Concrete is an ideal material for many building projects because of its natural durability. As it ages, though, the concrete can get marks and stains that are hard to remove. ...
concrete crack repair - fiorino concrete

The Best Concrete Crack Repair Products

While concrete cracks can look harmless, they can easily widen and lead to further damage like chips and flaking. This deterioration of the concrete surface can eventually make a larger, ...
concrete freeze blog - fiorino concrete

What Happens To Concrete If It Freezes?

Pouring concrete in cold weather is a necessity, but our team has to take special precautions when doing so. When Concrete freezes it causes immediate and sometimes permanent damage to ...
concrete deck in winter blog - fiorino

How To Protect Your Concrete Deck During Winter

People love concrete decks for their strength, and they can make the concrete take on the appearance of many different materials. It can withstand a lot of seasonal problems, but ...

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