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Why Are The Metal Tabs Protruding From My Poured Concrete Foundation Walls?

Many homeowners notice and complain about little tabs of metal sticking out of their foundations; often, these are rusty, and apart from the eyesore, they can hurt people unaware of ...

How Do You Prepare To Safely Drill Into Concrete Slab?

Concrete can be as versatile as wood or metal once you know how to the safe drilling procedure. The key is using the right tools and techniques because while concrete ...

Do Concrete Curbs Ever Need Rebar?

Everyone knows that adding rebar to concrete makes it stronger. Usually, rebar is needed when concrete surfaces have to carry heavy loads and traffic. The rebar gives the concrete extra ...

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Concrete Driveway?

More homeowners are choosing concrete driveways because it's a durable material that can resist a lot of pressure. The upkeep isn't too difficult, either; one inexpensive way to keep it ...
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How Do You Repair Cracks In Concrete Roof

All concrete uses sand, cement, and water to make a durable compound perfect for a wide range of building structures. So when concrete contractors use this heavy compound to make ...

What’s The Difference Between Reinforced Concrete And Prestressed Concrete?

Concrete is an incredibly strong material, but depending on the project and load it has to support, it can need a little help. Reinforced and prestressed concretes are two composite ...

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