How To Incorporate Polished Concrete Floors Into Modern Home Design

Concrete is often associated with raw durability and strength, but this isn’t the full picture. It’s also one of the most beautiful and versatile building materials! When homeowners have it polished, a regular concrete floor can turn into a beautiful look for any home. 

Polishing a concrete floor is a multistep process, so to put it in simple terms, we achieve this finish by grinding the concrete surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness with heavy-duty machines. It’s very much like sanding wood, but the results are mirror-like and shiny while keeping its strength!

Why Are Polished Concrete Floors So Great?

Unlike other materials used for flooring, like hardwood or vinyl, concrete is not vulnerable to damage caused by furniture or regular foot traffic. They are easy to clean and maintain, too, requiring only the occasional damp mopping and an annual polishing. There’s no need for regular waxes or coatings, and the durability will, over time, save you money.

Polish concrete can come from almost any structurally sound concrete floor, no matter how old or new. It can take three or more days to complete the job, depending on the area, the desired level of polish, and the unique layout of the home. Once the job is finished, you can use the surface immediately!


Incorporating Polished Concrete Into Your Modern Home

More modern homeowners are choosing polished concrete as the finish for their flooring because of the many advantages it has over other types of flooring. Polished, decorative concrete has long-term savings, doesn’t need a lot of work to keep it looking beautiful, and the final look can take on almost any aesthetic choice! 

This last point is very important. You don’t need to settle for a grey mirror-like surface; smooth, polished concrete has a range of design and colour options. You can have different colouring and designs added to the surface, and our team can create grids, bands, borders, and other designs. For a new floor or a renewed surface, concrete installers can add stains and dyes to make sure that the finish works with the rest of your home. You can even choose the level of sheen that meets your maintenance and decor needs.

The look of a polished concrete floor has long been used to give new and old homes a more modern look. The finish is clean and unifies the home, especially in larger layouts like basements and open floor plans. You can also choose to leave the aggregate lightly exposed, giving the floor a rawer look that still will feel right at home in a modern urban setting.

This versatility of polished concrete flooring makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. You can have it newly poured and polished, or retrofit an existing concrete floor with a polished gloss. While the latter option works best with a floor in good condition, you can have concrete experts repair a floor in bad shape!

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