Five Popular Concrete Furniture Designs

We often say that concrete is a very versatile material. This means that it can make more than sidewalks, patios, driveways and dams – it’s great for all kinds of designs, including furniture.

This mix of crushed stone, cement, and water can be spread or poured into moulds to make furniture that is perfect for the backyard, living room, dining room, bedroom, and more. Here are five popular designs to consider for your home!


Garden Benches


Concrete is ideal for all kinds of outdoor furniture, but its strength and ability to handle the weather make it ideal for benches that will sit in the elements. A craftsperson can combine polished concrete surfaces with a finished wooden seat, or even make the seat out of concrete. The final product will look right at home in your garden, on your patio, or by a fire pit! Remember, concrete is hard to sit on for long periods, so have some cushions or use it to support more comfortable wood. 


Concrete Picnic Tables


A concrete picnic table isn’t as “do-it-yourself” as a garden bench, but it’s popular for the same reasons. Put together using precast pieces, many municipalities are adding them to public parks because they are easier to care for. You can find them in different finishes, too, like smooth concrete, sandblasted, or with the aggregate exposed. If you like to enjoy your backyard space with less work, give this concrete furniture a shot!


Concrete River Tables


Concrete furniture doesn’t have to stay outside though. River tables are a design trend you may have seen on Instagram recently. These are most often made using resin, and when the craftsperson pours the plastic material into the gap of the table, it’s very satisfying. But they can also pull off this design using poured concrete – in fact, these contrasting materials are a match made in heaven!


A skilled furniture maker can combine hardwood and coloured concrete to make a stunning piece, like a table for the dining or living room. The balance between the two materials is beautiful, while their combined sturdiness makes a piece of furniture that will stay in the family for generations.


Concrete Bartops


Have you ever wanted to add a bartop to your patio or by the pool? Concrete is the best material for the job. When made with the right mix and finish, it can handle chlorine, fluctuating temperatures, and all the vodka you can spill. Because you can finish concrete in many different colours and patterns, you can give your bartop the look of wood, stone, or keep it a beautiful gray!


Concrete Accent Piecesfiorino-bench-body-image


While many people think of concrete as raw and strong, a craftsperson doesn’t have to mould it into a large piece. A lot of homeowners, when they’re not sure how to incorporate concrete furniture into their home or backyard designs, start on the smaller side. Light fixtures, bookends, planters, and even clock faces can use small amounts of concrete! Because it has a neutral colour, you can use the material next to a wide variety of colours.


It’s not only the solidity of the furniture: the many different textures and colours make concrete pieces desired both for both inside and outside the home. The ability of concrete to be shaped into any form means you can get creative with the shapes and contours, too!

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