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Five Amazing Uses For Concrete

People seem to lack imagination when they think about concrete. Many of us think of it as a raw product used for building, and it’s true that it’s great for building: it’s the most widely used material in the world. It has been used to build structures as large as the Hoover Dam, and as old as the Colosseum in Rome.

But concrete projects don’t need to be massive. This mixture of aggregate, Portland cement, and water can be used to make some extraordinary things around your home – and maybe even in your pocket!

Decorative Concrete Yard Elements

We’re not talking about flower pots and concrete tiling on your new patio. Concrete is an incredibly flexible material, and it can be moulded into any shape you can think of. If you want original pieces for your yard, even things like light fixtures can be cast. They’ll be strong enough to stand up to whatever Mother Nature can throw at them, too!

concrete countertopsConcrete Countertops

Concrete doesn’t have to live outside or be used as a raw material. It can be used to make sturdy countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. Concrete costs roughly the same as granite (and much less than marble), and is easy to maintain. Concrete countertops can even be handmade if that’s your sort of thing!

The great thing about concrete is that it can be finished to whatever look you want. Keep it the classic grey, or add some colour to the mixture. Once you’ve sealed it, give it a polish and you’ve got a countertop that will stand up to all kinds of pressure!

Concrete Boat Docks

More and more marinas and boaters are turning to concrete for their docks. “But wait,” you might be asking, “how does concrete float?” It’s less dense than you concrete boat dock, boat docks concreteprobably think! If it’s shaped properly, concrete can float easily – it was used as a ship-building material during the Worlds Wars when there was a steel shortage (speaking of, steel is three times as dense as concrete, so we shouldn’t dismiss concrete anymore!). Concrete is a good material for building docks because of its durability and stability, and unlike wooden planks, it won’t rot.

Window Panels Are Popular Uses For Concrete

The future is here, and it’s… concrete window panes? A company in Italy has developed translucent concrete panels that can allow light, both natural and artificial, to come through. The translucent effect is more noticeable at night, but daylight filtering in could allow buildings to save on energy when they use these panels in the construction of buildings.

concrete phone casesConcrete Phone Cases

We’ve already shown that concrete is a durable, lightweight, and cost-effective material. So why not use it to protect your phone? Posh Craft, a design company in South Korea, has developed a phone case made entirely of concrete. It’s minimalist and made from the best material on the planet – what more could you ask for?

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