Yes, we CAN do that!

You would be amazed at what can be done in concrete for patios these days. The days of plain grey concrete are through! With an unlimited number of geometrical or curvilinear shapes that we can form through concrete, we can build anything. Benches, bars, stools, tables, stairs, and of course a beautiful patio floor or deck!

concrete front steps in wooden mold setting
concrete walkway inside
benched line building on concrete walkway

Patio durability that can’t be matched

When you’re talking patios, concrete is considered virtually indestructible. There is simply no building material that exists that will match its durability. Do you want concrete that lasts forever or wood which will warp and deteriorate within a decade?

Bring your Concrete Patio to life!

Each concrete patio we create is unique. We can utilize an unlimited number of finish/style/colour combinations to ensure your patio is one of a kind. Our creative outdoor design experts will happily visit your location and discuss options with you and create something that says “this is MY house”.

fiorino finishing

Using our custom finishing, we can achieve almost any project or experience your heart desires for your next home concrete project. We have provided concrete removal and installation services for a multitude of clients at many business properties throughout the London Ontario area. We do our utmost to effectively and precisely install your fresh concrete product. Our eye for detail provides our clients with superior concrete finishing and leveling solutions in London.

plain concrete

Plain Concrete

coloured concrete

Coloured Finish

stone concrete

Stamped Style

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

broom finished concrete

Broom Finish Concrete

Concrete Regulations and best practices

We are fully licensed and abide by all best practices and Government regulations. Please feel free to ask about your particular situation and what regulations may apply.

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man with blueprints on tablet standing in a construction site with concrete structure

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