Durable and Affordable Concrete Pads

There are so many benefits to installing concrete pads at your home or business. They supply a very secure base that also has the strength to support a variety of structures. Fiorino's experts in concrete platform construction won't leave you unsettled about the ground when you set a 3,000lb structure on top! What about the Canadian winter? No problem! A well placed concrete slab or concrete platform is resistant to weathering and decay.

concrete garden path setting
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Affordable Concrete Pads and Concrete Platforms

Homeowners considering adding concrete pads or concrete platforms will be happy to know they're not very costly. With a massive collection of different classes and grades, concrete pads can cost under $5 per square foot. Concrete platforms work best beneath a shed, storage unit, garages, swimming pools and even mobile homes!

The types of concrete and security of the pad depends on the level of concrete. You should know the three levels of concrete if you are convinced that pads are ideal for you. The evaluation of concrete relies on the strength in pounds per square inch. The cement, aggregate and water mix determine grades.

The 3 ranges are:

  • • Basic Concrete Pads
  • • Commercial Concrete Platforms
  • • High-Strength Concrete

Get A Polished Concrete Pool Deck To Match Your Style

Knowing the precise finishing tools and the ideal times to set and age concrete is crucial to preventing decay and cracking in the pad. Fiorino's experienced concrete pad builders serving London and area understand the importance of creating a steady and secure foundation for the concrete pad and providing the best subgrade. Contact Fiorino today for a quote on installing concrete pads and platforms!

fiorino finishing

Using our custom finishing, we can achieve almost any project or experience your heart desires for your next home concrete project. We have provided concrete removal and installation services for a multitude of clients at many business properties throughout the London Ontario area. We do our utmost to effectively and precisely install your fresh concrete product. Our eye for detail provides our clients with superior concrete finishing and leveling solutions in London.

plain concrete

Plain Concrete

coloured concrete

Coloured Finish

stone concrete

Stamped Style

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

broom finished concrete

Broom Finish Concrete

Concrete Regulations and best practices

We are fully licensed and abide by all best practices and Government regulations. Please feel free to ask about your particular situation and what regulations may apply.

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