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Plain, grey concrete is the most common building surface installed in modern construction. In most projects, it can be an issue of budget, functionality or the need for an uncomplicated structural surface that makes this material so popular. After all, not every surface requires decoration, colouring or stamping despite the fact that these improvements can greatly improve the look as well as hide blemishes. Plain concrete might be the perfect surface for your project and after years of pouring and setting it, you can trust Fiorino Concrete to get the job done!

freshly poured driveway
view of home concrete driveway
man smoothing concrete with trowel

Choose Affordable and Versatile Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is used throughout the world on every job site whether commercial or residential. This tough and multipurpose surface can be used for patio decks, walkways, walls and even furniture designs! Despite its versatility, when you're pouring and setting plain concrete the usual installation practices and an expert eye is what guarantees success. Give us a call today and we'll give you a quick and reasonable quote on your plain concrete project.

What’s Makes It Plain Concrete?

Plain concrete is simply a style or mixture of concrete that has no traditional reinforcements such as engineered fibres or rebar. If there are any subtle reinforcements added they are not high load bearing or high strength.

Other Available Finishings

coloured concrete

Coloured Concrete

stone concrete

Stamped Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

broom finished concrete

Broom Finish Concrete

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