Colored Concrete Installation - London, Ontario

Nothing is more essential to fine architecture and design work than a beautifully executed colored concrete slab. Fiorino has been installing colored concrete for years and we can assure you that it's not a simple DIY project. There are many elements that affect the finished look in colored concrete installation and it certainly benefits from the practised hand of a professional!

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pool side concrete deck with lawn chairs
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Amazing Colored Concrete Designs

The colors for concrete aren't exactly dyes, paints or stains. They're known as pigments and are usually mined from the ground or manufactured in a chemical plant. These pigments are found in powder, liquid or granual forms and typically each form is simply preferred by contractors and not superior to the other. The colour pigment is added to the cement-based admixture in a ratio that depends on the size and design of the project.

Add Color and Take Your Concrete To The Next Level

You've already decided that concrete building materials are ideal for your project because of durability and strength -- why not improve it with some added color? Fiorino offers a wide range of colored concrete options to fit your concrete design project. Just reach out for a free quote!

Other Available Finishings

plain concrete

Plain Concrete

stone concrete

Stamped Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

broom finished concrete

Broom Finish Concrete

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