Broom Finish Concrete - London, Ontario

Broom Finish Concrete is unique finish, very different from the smooth and homogeneous set that most people know as plain concrete or reinforced concrete. Broom Finish Concrete has many obvious and mostly stylistic benefits which you can't achieve with regular smooth concrete finishes. Creating a broom concrete finish requires special means and an expert eye. The main technical goal of a broom concrete finish is to ensure that it's still laid properly and will not trap water.

concrete walkway on construction site setting
man pouring concrete into slab mold
view of rear of home with pool and open dining room

Choose An Affordable Broom Finish Concrete

The traditional broom concrete finish method uses a stiff bristled broom, which renders a rougher surface in comparison to smooth plain concrete. Broom finish concrete can also be among the most inexpensive design options, so it is a fantastic opportunity if you're on a tight budget. Since the rough texture of broom finish concrete adds greater grip, it is good for places which are certain to get wet, including a patio close to a swimming pool.  The excess grip can help prevent slips and falls at your home or business!

Other Available Finishings

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