Is A Concrete Driveway A Good Investment?

Every home has a driveway, and many homeowners think about what they can do to make it last. Many driveways are made with asphalt, gravel, stone, or bricks, but what about concrete? More and more homeowners are choosing concrete for all the reasons that make it an ideal building material. 

If you’re wondering why it makes for a good driveway, we have some reasons that do you one better: here’s why concrete makes for a good investment!


Concrete Is Stronger Than Other Materials

concreteAll driveways need proper and regular maintenance, including concrete. However, concrete driveways tend to last much longer than other options, including asphalt. It’s because concrete is a more durable material, and driveways made from it are less susceptible to roots growing out through the surface.

A concrete driveway lasts for up to 50 years, whereas an asphalt driveway will last about 30 years. Even if you don’t plan on staying in the home for that long, you’ll see this strength as helpful in other ways, too!


A Concrete Driveway Requires Less Maintenance

Because concrete is a stronger material than asphalt, it doesn’t need as much maintenance work. If you keep the concrete clean with soapy water to get rid of stains and tire marks and sweep the surface regularly from debris like grass clippings and leaves, your driveway will look like new. You can remove stubborn stains with a pressure washer without affecting the integrity of the driveway.

To ensure your concrete driveway has a long life, you can have it covered with a film-forming sealer made with acrylic resin and epoxies, polyurethanes or silicones. These can improve the water-resistance of your driveway, which can be important for Canadian winters. A seal is simple to install and should be done once a year.


Concrete Has Curb Appeal

One attribute that makes a concrete driveway an investment rather than just another piece of your property is aesthetics. A smooth, light surface has a lot of curb appeal, but you don’t have to settle for one type of surface. We can easily add colour, texture, and block designs that suit your preferences, the colour of your home, and your landscaping.

Concrete is cooler, too. During the summer, driveways are exposed to long hours of sun, getting quite hot. Concrete doesn’t give off oil when it’s hot, which can happen to asphalt because it uses a bituminous tar binder. It is easy for homeowners to track this substance into their homes and cars from the soles of their shoes.


Installation Is Easy!

For professionals like us, a driveway can be installed with ease. At its heart, concrete is three simple ingredients – Portland cement, aggregate, and water – formed into a pourable slurry. It then gradually cures, hardening the project to withstand almost any pressure. The concrete gets additional strength from the steel metal reinforcement wire or rebar within the slab. 

Concrete pouring is best left to the professionals because time is of the essence – it begins to harden very quickly after we pour it. However, prepping the ground, putting in the rebar, and laying down the concrete is an easy project for our team! 

Concrete is the perfect material for a long-lasting driveway. It’s durable, has low maintenance needs, and looks great for a long time. In short, concrete has all the makings of a great investment!

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