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What Happens To Concrete If It Freezes?

Pouring concrete in cold weather is a necessity, but our team has to take special precautions when doing so. When Concrete freezes it causes immediate and sometimes permanent damage to fresh concrete, and the strength and compression of concrete won’t return as it cures.  Please follow and like us:

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How To Protect Your Concrete Deck During Winter

People love concrete decks for their strength, and they can make the concrete take on the appearance of many different materials. It can withstand a lot of seasonal problems, but winter poses unique difficulties: temperature swings and chemical deicers can degrade the concrete.  Here’s how you can protect your concrete deck this winter and save …

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How Much Weight Can Four Inches Of Concrete Driveway Hold?

Concrete is an ideal material for driveways because it’s strong, long-lasting, and provides homeowners with more design options than other options. It can even enhance your home’s landscaping and property value. But have you ever wondered how much weight a driveway can hold? Please follow and like us:

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Which Is Cheaper: Poured Concrete Or Concrete Pavers?

Whether it’s a patio, driveway, or walkway, homeowners face two big choices when planning out the project: using either poured concrete or concrete pavers. The cost to install pavers or concrete slabs depends on the surface area that you want to be covered, materials, labour, and the removal of previous paving stones or concrete. Please …

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